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Are you currently leveraging the benefits of Mobile platform to enhance your brand in the market?

The empirical extension of mobility services has reached levels that take business to heights unimaginable. Before the development of mobility solutions, business were constrained to geographical locations but with the emergence of mobile devices these barricades have been removed. With various mobility solutions, you can connect with your customers in a richer and in a professional manner by personalizing everything you want to communicate with your target audience.  It offers the flexibility to seamlessly connect any time and anywhere with your potential businesses.  The easy and efficient operation of mobility has accelerated business to new dimensions.

Agiletech Info Solutions helps organizations to harness the benefits of mobility to connect with their customers instantly. Our technical expertise include building enterprise mobile applications for organizations and provide them with the advantage to stand out from their peers and gainer more market share in their respective segments.

Mobility Services

Mobility Solutions Services

Mobility Strategy Consulting

Native Apps or Mobile Web or Hybrid? Will Andriod outstrip the iOS?. If you are one of the organizations with questions in mind on the next generation of mobile solutions, then look no further. The impacts of not having a strategy in place and making an investment in building mobile applications can lead to lesser than expected results. At Agiletech Info Solutions, we can help you define with the vision and strategy for your mobility solutions and show you the path to achieve the same. We will guide you through the process of targeting the right platform, devices, and architecture in order to reap maximum benefits from the solutions built. Our experts will not only focus on the new applications being built on mobile platforms, but also look for innovative ways to build wrappers around your existing legacy systems so they can be still be utilized and exposed to the mobile users.

User Experience

The application with the best user experience will improve the adoption rate. There are a lot of factors that needs to be considered when designing the user interfaces such that it’s easily usable for all. Agiletech Info Solutions’ Mobile Lab can help in tweaking the design based on real user experiences by allowing the users to navigate through the application and understand the pain points and areas for improvement. Our user experience survey framework can be leveraged to target a sample user base and conduct detailed study to understand the real expectations of a user. The inputs from these surveys if incorporated into the design process can yield better results when compared to designing them purely based on a developer’s perspective. 

Mobile Application Development and Maintenance

Time to market is becoming one of the key factor that decide the success of a product/brand and become the market leader eventually. With more mobile applications rolled out to end users, every organization needs to pay close attention to its development lifecycle. Agiletech Info Solutions can partner with your company and provide best practices for development in the mobile space. Our unique development frameworks and rapid development/deployment methodologies will position to launch the application quickly. Key services include, robust design for mobile applications across multiple platforms, device specific user interface customizations, creative design for custom controls and interfaces and location based services etc., In addition to developing new applications, we can also manage your existing applications and ensure it’s availability and reliability for end users

Mobile Application Testing and Performance Analysis

Testing is quite different when it comes to Mobile applications as there are numerous things that needs to be taken care before the application is launched to end users. At Agiletech Info Solutions, our testing cycle will focus on the below areas

  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Synchronization
  • Data Exchange
  • Integration
  • Regression

We perform testing at different levels. Its starts with the user interface testing on a simulator software and continue through other stages where we test the application on similar & actual devices that run on simulated and actual networks. 

Mobile Application Security

Security has always been a critical area when it comes to mobile applications, as the number of avenues is huge for anyone to break into the application. Also, there is no checklist for securing all apps as it purely depends on the type of application and its intended purpose. Based on prior experiences developing mobile applications, we have matured a lot in the security space and have developed some best practices to make the applications more secure. For example, sensitive information cannot be stored on the device nor the code as it provides easy access to the hackers to break in and compromise the confidential information. Use of SSL/TLS (for network communications, data encryption, complying with PCI DSS and other domain specific standards etc. Agiletech Info Solutions can bring in that extra layer of security your applications demands. 

Mobile Analytics

Do you want to understand the commercial aspects of your mobile application? Our analytics services can provide with the relevant information required to analyze the mobile visitors, traffic, marketing, advertisements, geography of users, device used etc., The wealth of information collected can be huge and help in strategeizing the product, future marketing campaigns, target the right audiences, promotions etc., 



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