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Pressure to capture the market, reduced test phases in the overall release cycle, and lack of quality assurance experts often lead to incomplete and poor quality product.

Quality Assurance was once looked upon as a bottleneck is turning out to a critical phase in the software development lifecycle. The risks of releasing a new product into the market without adequate testing can cost a company significantly.

At Agiletech Info Solutions, we understand the importance of Quality Assurance practices and have developed robust frameworks and methodologies to meet the needs of the client. We get involved right from the planning phases and see through the complete execution partnering with clients at every stage of the software test cycle.


QA Methodology


Quality Assurance Services

We offer an extensive array of specific software QA testing methodologies in addressing the precise needs of the Client and their test environment. Our QA professionals would team up with the in-house application development team and strategize the best suitable testing approach based on the specific needs of the application, test environment, resources and project timelines. Our range of QA services include: 

QA Services

Manual Testing

It is based on the approach to test the software using scripts that are written manually without the use of automated tool. The various testing included in this are Unit, Integration, System, and User Acceptance testing. We also help define the overall test strategy starting with the planning through test scripts execution

Automation Testing

The process of leveraging automation tools to execute the test scripts is called Automation testing. Test automation requires a significant amount of time, resources and above all a good strategy and structure in place. Any compromise on one of these factors will not yield the desired results. At Agiletech Info Solutions, we understand the automation processes well enough drive from the test strategy through execution. Our automation methodology will be customized based on the client test environment.

Automation Methodology

Web Testing

The world of web applications have gone through drastic changes and hence mandate specific tools and processes to handle them. Our services for web testing include Functionality testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Compatibility testing and Crowd testing where we simulate the behavior using a large number of people

Performance Testing

It’s the process of testing the performance of an application (internal and external) to ensure it will perform well under their expected workload. At Agiletech Info Solutions, we provide services around Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing, Spike testing, Volume testing and Scalability testing. We cover all the key aspects expected from Performance testing and uncover all areas that needs to be improved before the product in launched

Mobile Testing

Companies are rapidly building new, and taking their existing applications to the Mobile world. This growing industry trend has resulted in a large number of mobile applications and thereby creating a need to develop tools and processes that are targeted towards mobility solutions. Agiletech Tech Solution’s Mobile QA experts can help organizations manage the complexity of testing mobile applications on multiple devices and platforms. Our unique approach uses a combination of manual testing, simulators and mobile automated tools to deliver the expected results        

Security Testing

A company’s reputation can be easily jeopardized if their application’s security aspects are compromised. Security failures could result from various reasons ranging poor design, code, system and processes etc. Our services include manual penetration, static, dynamic and ethical hack testing

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Testing Tools

HP Quality Center, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Rational Robot, SilkTest, JUnit, Selenium, WebLoad